Where to Eat Sushi in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

May 13 2021 – Crystal Gurin

Where to Eat Sushi in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guid

Where to Eat Sushi in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guid

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Sushi in Philly? Yes. Because it's time that we started paying attention to something we've been doing really well for years.

No, you’re right. Sushi isn’t really a thing we’re known for here in Philadelphia.

Which isn’t to say we don’t have any here. Philly has always had a sushi underground — mostly small, neighborhood joints slinging fish and sake and doing it quietly, under the radar, without much fanfare. There are a few exceptions (Royal Izakaya, Double Knot, and Zama come to mind), but mostly Philadelphians who want sushi have a restaurant or two they trust and don’t really go anywhere else.

But a whole collection of little neighborhood spots, doing really good, really interesting sushi kinda makes a scene, doesn’t it? Just one that’s a little tougher to see from the outside. So we’re here to help with this list of the best places to eat sushi in (and outside of) Philly. For much of the last year, some of the best sushi in the city has been delivery-only, but dining rooms are opening back up, which means you can once again belly-up to a bar for a few rounds of maki, or a whole night of omakase.

Sushi Restaurants You Must Try First

KaisekiSpring Garden
Kaiseki popped up last spring in response to the demand for excellent takeout sushi that would transport us away from our own living rooms. They’re killing it with a menu of takeout and delivery-only chirashi bowls, maki and nigiri. Order ahead for free delivery all over the city. 990 Spring Garden

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