about Andy Bernard & Kaiseki

more fish!

From 2002-04 I was a line cook at Morimoto, where the seeds were planted for what I am doing today. I went on to run the Morning Glory diner in its heyday before becoming sous chef at Oceanaire. More fish!

After many other chef, managing and catering gigs, in Nov.-Dec of 2019, I attended the Sushi Chef Institute in LA to pursue what had become a dream–to become a sushi chef. After completing the course I was fortunate to get front line experience as a visiting sushi chef at a restaurant in Berkeley and then to become a line chef at Hiroki.

When the pandemic hit, I started making sushi for friends and decided to start a delivery business with my friend Crystal Gurin. We co-founded Kaiseki and began delivery on April 24, 2020. As we grew, I needed a larger kitchen and found the perfect space in the lobby of 990 Spring Garden, opening on December 2, 2020. We now have four seats at our sushi bar in addition to pickup and delivery. I look forward to serving you. Itadakimasu! 🙏🏻



KAISEKI, kīsekē is a multi-course Japanese meal with origins in the16th century.

Kaiseki Philly pays homage to this ancient and evolving tradition with simple, seasonal sushi,  prepared to accentuate the taste of the fish and other fresh ingredients. Kaiseki serves sushi, edible garnishes (yakumi) and house-pickled ginger and other vegetables (tsukemono) with meticulous attention to flavors, texture, color and presentation.

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