about Andy Bernard & Kaiseki

Andy Bernard

With 30 years of experience in the restaurant business, spanning the worlds of fine dining and popular neighborhood haunts alike, Chef Andy Bernard has quickly become one of Philadelphia's premier sushi chefs with a proven track record of excellence and authenticity. He began his journey in Japanese cuisine as a line cook at the world-famous Morimoto, before going on to receive formal training at Los Angeles Sushi Chef Institute. His resume also includes stops at Kiku Sushi in Berkeley, CA and a post at the renowned Fishtown sushi restaurant, Hiroki.

When the pandemic hit, Andy partnered with longtime friend and experienced marketing executive Crystal Gurin to launch an exclusive sushi delivery service. In April, 2020, Kaiseki was born. Kaiseki soon began operation in the Spring Arts building at 990 Spring Garden street, offering pickup and delivery four days a week, with a 4-seat sushi bar for dine-in service. All the while, Kaiseki has experienced steady growth, with a dedicated and expanding clientele, resulting in frequent sellouts due to high demand.

KAISEKI, kīsekē is a multi-course Japanese meal with origins in the16th century.

Kaiseki Philly pays homage to this ancient and evolving tradition with simple, seasonal sushi,  prepared to accentuate the taste of the fish and other fresh ingredients. Kaiseki serves sushi, edible garnishes (yakumi) and house-pickled ginger and other vegetables (tsukemono) with meticulous attention to flavors, texture, color and presentation.

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